The Door Lock

The Door Lock

She woke up at 6.00 a.m. It was a long time since she had woken up without the alarm. She looked out of the window. The dawn ushering in a new day, the morning breeze cool and crisp, the monsoon spells hinting at a promise for rain. She switched on the radio and brushed, used the toilet and showered. Mom woke up hearing the unusual activity. Choosing a nondescript dress so as not to overwhelm, she helped out in the kitchen and had breakfast. With a prayer on her lips she waited for the clock to show 9.00 a.m. She did not want to be late on her first day at work. She was working herself into a tizzy as to what to expect. Would it be a cool place? Would there be too much pressure? Would she be accepted? Would she have to unlearn a lot of things she had learnt at the earlier place?

She waved to her Mother and stepped out, got into an auto rickshaw and reached her place of work in five minutes. As she reached the door of her new office there was no one there. She waited outside the locked door. The minutes ticked by. Each moment building up a queasy feeling in her stomach.

After 30 minutes the Office boys reached the door and lifted the mat in front of the closed office door, took the key from under the mat and opened the door. She looked on astonished.!!!


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