From the East-Short Story

From the East


The wind from the East blew cool and calm. I looked at her. She asked me, ‘Why are you alone?’

‘I smiled’

‘Don’t you want to walk on the green grass?’ she asked.

‘I would want to….. with friends.’

‘Then why don’t you?’ came the next question.

‘My friends are busy.’

‘You lie.’

‘No I don’t’ I said.

‘I bet you have no friends’ the Eastern wind insisted.

I have five friends’ I said with pride.

‘Who are they?’

‘One of them helps me see my mistakes.’


‘The second makes sure I have good taste.’


‘The third touches my mind.’

‘The fourth is the breath of my life.’


‘The fifth hears my every prayer.’


‘You are lucky indeed.’ said the eastern wind.


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