Life and journey


The computer

An Ally

The cab

A friend

The medicines

A solace

The physician

A healer.











Life a hurtling




From the recuperating room

From the recuperating room.



Not words of lament

It is of imagination a filament,


Even the mighty Oak

Needs the sun to soak,


Every man’s foe

Is a mind of woe,


It is to this effect

That the illness affect,


Time to rise

Hence need to prise,


From a word of muse

I like to choose,


Not a heart wry

Nor the need to cry.




Silence deep

Uneasy I sleep.

World outside

In a corner I hide.

I hear child talk

Not always a bright folk.

Body heeds to food

Mind seems to brood.

Casual words sting hurt

Kindness brings vast might.

I wish for truthful perception

Not callous deception.


The Wait

The Wait



A wait for dawn to break,

A wait for the cheering brew,

A wait for the day’s mail,

A wait for afternoon tea,

A wait for the night to fall.

A wait for the first day of school,

A wait for graduation day,

A wait for the coveted job,

A wait for the lovely wedding,

A wait for the bundle of joy.

A wait for rain after summer,

A wait for the crops to ripe,

A wait for the spring air,

A wait for the next sowing,

A wait for a year to go by.

A wait to hear the loved voice,

A wait to share the blissful silence,

A wait to see the deity glow ethereal

A wait to see darkness bring stars,

A wait for eternal nothingness.